9.00am Welcome and Opening Presentations

Laura Pérez Castaño, Deputy Mayor for the Life Cycle area, Feminisms and LGBTI

Antoni Garcia, Deputy of the Department of Citizenship and Equality, Barcelona Pronvincial council

Jordi Montaña, Rector of the University of Vic – Central University of Catalonia

Mireia Mata Solsona, General Director of Equality of the Department of Labor, Welfare and Families. Government of Catalonia

Gerard Coll-Planas, Conference Coordinator

9.30am Morning session: LGTB equality policies: Key debates

Surya Monro, Professor of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of Huddersfield, UK. Expert in gender and LGTB equality

Presenter and moderator: Miquel Missé, Conference coordinator

11.00am Break
11.30am Round table discussion: LGTBI equality policies outside metropolitan areas

Gerard Coll-Planas, Researcher at UVic-UCC, expert in local LGBT policies

Juul van Hoof, Director of the Movisie LGTB programme; the Netherlands Centre for Social Development,  Founder and coordinator of the Rainbow Cities Network

Patricia G. Ojeda, Sociologist. LGTBI project leader for various Canary Island Public Administration bodies 

Gabriel Reboredo, Rural LGTB Activist. Member of the Agrogay Colective, A Ulloa, Galicia

Presenter and moderator, Fran Sánchez, Councillor for LGTBI Policies, Ripollet City Council

1.30pm Lunch break
3.30pm Workshops

1: Educational projects to counter LGTBIphobic bullying

2: Intersex policies within the framework of LGTBI policies

3: Asylum and refuge from an LGBTI perspective

4: Intersectionality in LGTBI policies

5: The role of the LGTBI movement in public policies

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5.45pm Performance

An extract from the play Limbo
A stage production by Les Impuxibles directed by Miriam Escurriola at the Pedrera auditorium

6.30pm Programme concludes


9.30am Roundtable: Re-thinking trans policies

Miquel Missé, Coordinator of the TransLab project for inclusion in the labour force for the trans collective in Barcelona

Florencio Chicote,  LGTBI Unit of the Berlin State Office for Equality and non-discrimination, Department of Work, Integration and Women, Senat (Berlin)

Cristina Garaizabal, Coordinator of the Report “Assistance and Accompaniment for Trans People in Barcelona

Lucas Platero, Lecturer and researcher. Doctor in Sociology and Political Sciences. Expert in trans issues, education and violence in schools

Presenter and moderator, Andreu Agustín, Director of the LGTBI Plan, Barcelona City Council

11.00am Break
11.30am The challenges of LGBTI equality policies

Raoul Galarraga, Responsible for LGBTI policy  of the city of Amsterdam

Marta Cruells, Principal advisor to the Councillor for Barcelona City Council Department of the Life Cycle, Feminisms and LGTBI

Simona Topolinjak, Principal advisor to the Department of Health and Social assistance of the city of Ljubliana. Head of gender and LGTB equality

Gemma Garcia, LGTBIQ Department Head, Terrassa City Council

Presenter and moderator, Silvia Casola Salvatella, Specialist advisor on Citizenship and Equality. Barcelona Local Government

1.00pm Presentation of Workshops conclusions
1.30pm Conference summing up and closing remarks

Gerard Coll-Planas and Miquel Missé, Conference coordinators

2.00pm Programme concludes